Introducing Modalyst

October 1, 2014

Fashion X Dallas is?utilizing an innovative new approach to wholesale buying and selling!?Modalyst is an online, wholesale marketplace connecting designers and retail buyers. ?Modalyst?aggregates orders, enabling retailers to collectively reach the minimums that brands need to go into production and to receive bulk order discounts as a group. They?provide all the work flow tools that a designer needs to scale their wholesale business, while opening selling channels to a global network of retailers. With hundreds of brands and thousands of retailers from 80+ countries already active on the platform, they?are leveling the playing field by providing retailers with the same purchasing power as a department store, while building and scaling brands.

For Designers:

Designers create a virtual showroom to showcase their collections. This means that you?are able to display your samples or goods and have complete control over your items. This allows designers to have a more continuous selling cycle throughout the season, instead of the traditional bi-annual season.

Designers have control over how much they sell (by stating order minimums and maximums) as well as how often (by stating “order by” and the delivery window). By aggregating orders from various boutiques, designers can reach minimums or wholesale discounts and gain?more control over their cost of goods and production.

Designers can adjust the showroom throughout the season, learn more about the popularity of each good through the click-through behavior of buyers, as well as create and sell closer to the seasonal trends.

Modalyst is offering a generous discount of 50% off the annual membership fee, exclusively to the Fashion X Dallas network! Email you are an interested designer.?

For Retailers:

Retailers create user profiles, follow other boutiques, and discover inventory independently or coupled with boutiques from other geographies. Modalyst aggregates the orders of retailers, enabling you to reach minimums and receive bulk order discounts – a benefit usually reserved for high-volume department stores. With Modalyst’s focus on short lead times, low minimums, and rapid reordering, Modalyst enables boutiques to compete with fast-fashion retailers like H&M and Zara!

Retailers can register to use Modalyst’s services for free at

For Everyone Else:?

PR teams, agents, and fans of fashion can also take advantage of Modalyst to discover emerging designers. While you won’t be able to access the full site, you will be able to view designer bios and photos.

Register to use Modalyst’s services for free at


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