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Capsule | Saturday, September 30

From a small town in Oklahoma, Colt moved to Dallas with a scholarship in fashion design from the Art Institute. Art was always in his life from drawing as a child to taking private lessons in oil painting, watercolor, and form drawing. Mastering these principles early helped set Colt apart from his peers in school. He then moved to Los Angeles, CA to complete his Bachelors degree at the Art Institute of Hollywood, then interned at several high profile design companies in Texas, New York, and California.

His new collection MistBorn started with the inspiration of smoke and how it moves and flows. It has a subtle elegance yet is bold and is ever-changing. Colt wanted to create a collection that has the fantastical imagery of light and dark and plays with the precariousness of smoke itself. He focused on using the curves of the female form by use of style lines and all the while exaggerating them. To bring his creations to life, he utilized a custom smoke print on his fabric. In order to give the illusion that the garment moves all on its own and that the women that wear it become one with the essence of light and dark.

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