Erica Dawn Woodmore

Gallery | Saturday, September 30

Since launching in 2012, Erica Dawn Woodmore collections have been showcased most notably in New York City. However, Columbus, Ohio, recently hailed by USA Today as one of the country’s chicest capitals, is where she cultivated a distinctive custom client base and discovered the true needs of her target market. In 2016, LeFlore debuted her latest capsule collection, Duality, at Fashion X Dallas and Fashion X Houston resulting in notable praise, including an invitation to design an exclusive House of DIFFA/Dallas jacket for its 2017 charity event. In addition, LeFlore has earned the distinct honor of being a 2017 FGI Dallas “Rising Star” nominee. Fully settled in Dallas, LeFlore will further showcase Erica Dawn Woodmore,LLC on a national platform and collaborate with local boutiques, artists and industry professionals to connect women through fashion and continue to build her brand.

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