Maryam Khizer

Fashion X DFW :: South Asia
October 13, 2018

Maryam Khizer is an emerging designer from Lahore. She studied Fashion Design from Pakistan’s premier fashion institute, Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD). Maryam presented her thesis collection in 2018 which was selected by Fashion X as the most outstanding student in her class. PIFD focuses particularly on polishing the creativity of students along with helping them develop strong fashion acumen. During the course of studies students acquire a wide array of soft and hard skills. The fashion school helped Maryam to learn that sustainable fashion is a concoction of high-end design, up cycling, employing traditional methods of fabrication, taking on-board local artisans and leaving green foot prints behind during the entire process of product creation.

Maryam’s first collection is called “Ostrich Wool”. She strongly believes that haute couture collections require unique textiles that are exclusively made for them. For this reason, she developed a special hand-woven fabric that complements her innovative designs. She uses ethically harvested ostrich feathers for fabrication. Feather fibers are blended with cotton for spinning thread over hand-run spinning wheels. Realizing the artisan’s handiwork was a dying art due to the threat of fast fashion, Maryam conceptualized the idea for her collection which is constructed on 3 key principles: original & innovative design, handmade exclusivity and social impact.

Maryam engage local artisans to create her products and support them to become partners in her creations. In the future, Maryam intends to develop a business model which is a hybrid between for- and non-profit. The business will reinvest 50% of its income to create further opportunities for local artisans by utilizing local materials.

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