Penny Luck Shoes

Gallery | Saturday, September 30

The penny is the American symbol of luck & the inspiration behind our brand. Our fine craftsmanship has established Penny Luck and is evident in every pair of shoes we make. From our stitched leather soles to our leather lining, the hands of artisan shoe makers carefully craft every inch of Penny Luck shoes. Our signature lucky penny soles makes our brand unique. When you wear a pair of Penny Luck’s, you wear your luck everywhere you go.

At Penny Luck, we pride ourselves on spreading luck, not just to our customers, but to U.S. Veterans. Customers can choose to customize the year of their lucky penny and 100% of our customization fee goes to the Purple Heart Foundation. We are dedicated to our partnership with the Purple Heart Foundation and strive to make a difference in the lives of U.S. Veterans who are battling PTSD.

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