Valerie Garmino

Fashion X DFW :: South Asia
October 13, 2018

Valerie Garmino is best known for being an expert in the tactile experience that fine clothing can offer, having grown up around a wide variety of textiles and fibers. Her European fashion training and aesthetic are inherently evident in her precision-based design process that influences her to create thoughtful designs that are mainly inspired by the multiple roles that an empowered woman could play, while still maintaining her femininity. Her hard work, talent and determination have earned her both rewards and recognition in the ever-trying business of fashion. She is a multiple Fashion Group International of Dallas award-winner, known by her statement wardrobe essentials including effortless and elegant coats, capes and jackets and jaw-dropping blouses. Based out of Dallas, TX her brand has caught the attention of the public with her disarming serenity, maintaining that it is both her passion and her mission to bring elegance and authority to her work.

Quality is a part of who Garmino is, it is in her DNA. She travels around the globe seeking the most exclusive and comfortable premium fabrics. She approaches them like a specialist – studying their texture, origin, and environment. Her fabric selection includes baby alpaca from Peru, Italian cashmere, Peruvian and Italian pima cotton, French lace and Japanese silk.

Valerie Garmino cares deeply about how animal’s fibers are obtained and how people working in fabric production are treated. She maintains an unmatched standard of fair practice, which is one of the most important reasons why she travels and personally hand selects each fair trade and cruelty-free fabric in her line.

“I believe in another type of seduction, a seduction that comes not only from what you can see, but also from what you can feel” — Valerie Garmino

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